10 Things You Need to Know about Joey vs Origin Mattress

From materials to functionality, get the low-down on 10 differences between these 2 mattress brands.

First, here’s a handy comparison chart:

1. Materials & Construction

Joey Mattress is a foam-only mattress made from polyurethane, the least expensive and lowest quality foam used in mattresses.

Joey’s J-Foam™ is polyurethane foam, an inexpensive option which helps retailers to save on costs.

Origin Mattress is a multi-layered mattress made from 6 layers including cooling gel memory foam, pocket springs, and natural latex.

The Origin Hybrid® is a combination of 6 high quality layers. Hybrid mattresses allow you to enjoy the benefits of different materials in one mattress.

2. Cooling Properties

Joey Mattress is temperature neutral due to polyurethane’s open-cell structure.

This ensures airflow throughout the mattress and doesn’t trap heat.

Origin Mattress is cooling due to its gel-infused memory foam layer & breathable tencel cover.

Gel-infused memory foam has effective cooling properties and wicks away body heat. It is one of the highest quality memory foams available in the market. In addition, tencel is highly breathable & promotes airflow.

3. Firmness

Both Joey Mattress and Origin Mattress have medium-firmness.

Joey and Origin rank 6.5 and 6 respectively on a firmness scale of 1-10 (with 1 being very soft and 10 being hard). This is the most popular firmness rating among Malaysians.

4. Motion Isolation

Both Joey Mattress and Origin Mattress are able to isolate motion.

Joey features zero-motion transfer on their mattresses as its foam-only build absorbs movement.

Origin Mattress also isolates motion, in a different way. The high quality memory foam absorbs movement, whereas pocket springs in the lower layer further isolate motion so you can stay blissfully asleep even when your partner moves or gets in and out of bed.

5. Support & Pressure-Relief

Joey Mattress provides some support, but isn’t as effective as memory foam or latex.

Polyurethane foam collapses much quicker when pressure is applied. Due to this, it does not provide the same pinpointed, contoured support that memory foam and latex is known for.

Origin Mattress provides a high level of support as it has both memory foam & latex layers.

Memory foam is famous for being extremely comfortable, providing excellent support & pressure-relief by moulding around your body shape. A latex layer adds extra bounce and reflex.

6. Durability

Joey Mattress has a shorter lifespan and is not as durable, like most polyurethane products.

Short lifespan is a major disadvantage of polyurethane foam. Mattresses made from polyurethane, such as Joey’s, absorb moisture and gradually disintegrate and lose their quality of support.

Origin Mattress has a long lifespan and is extremely durable, easily outlasting traditional mattresses.

The quality of materials used are the best-in-class and have outstanding durability. The multi-layered hybrid construction further strengthens durability.

7. Trial Period

Joey Mattress allows a trial of 99 nights.

Origin Mattress has a trial period of 120 nights, the longest in Malaysia.

A trial period allows you to try your new mattress from the comfort of your home. This is important as your body needs time to adjust, and the longer the trial period, the better you will be able to tell if a mattress suits you or not.

8. Warranty

Joey Mattress has a warranty coverage of 10 years.

Origin Mattress has a longer warranty coverage of 15 years.

Most mattress manufacturers offer a standard warranty of 10 years, but Origin customers have the added advantage of an extra 5 years of coverage.

9. Delivery & Returns

Both Joey Mattress and Origin Mattress offer free delivery & returns.

Super convenient and delivered or picked up right from your doorstep!

10. Pricing

Now this is where the differences really come into play. Comparing a standard Queen sized mattress:

Joey Mattress is priced at RM 1,895.

Origin Mattress is priced at RM 1,839.

Origin offers a cheaper pricing range on most of their other mattress sizes as well.


Not all mattresses are made equal, and this detailed comparison shows why.

Origin Mattress uses higher quality materials, is more cooling, provides better body support, and is more durable than Joey Mattress.

Origin Mattress also has a longer trial period and longer warranty coverage than Joey Mattress. 

At an unbelievably lower price point than Joey, you can be sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck!


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