10 Things You Need to Know about Sonno vs Origin Mattress

We put the Sonno Original and Sonno Lite to the test and compared it to the Origin Hybrid®. Read on to find out if Sonno is worth the hype.

First, here’s a handy comparison chart:

1. Materials & Construction

Sonno Lite is a foam only mattress made up of 2 layers. It consists of only regular memory foam and support foam. A key consideration of foam only mattresses is that they are prone to sagging quickly over time.
Sonno Original is a multi-layered mattress made up of 3 layers – regular memory foam, support foam, and natural latex.
Origin Hybrid® is a multi-layered mattress made up of 6 layers. These are cooling gel-infused memory foam, pocket springs, natural latex, Airflow Tencel™️, innovative edge support system, and reflex support layer.
Here’s where the main differences lie:
  • Origin uses a cooling gel-infused memory foam which dissipates body heat for cooler sleep, whereas Sonno uses regular memory foam.
  • Origin features additional layers that Sonno doesn’t — these are Airflow Tencel™️, innovative edge support system, and reflex support layer.

2. Cooling Properties

Except for Sonno Lite, both Sonno Original and Origin Hybrid® boast cooling effects so that you will never wake up sweaty in the middle of the night.

Sonno Lite does not have any cooling features.

Sonno Original has an Outlast® fabric cover which regulates temperature.

This keeps the surface temperature optimal for comfort.

Origin Hybrid® boasts a cooling gel-infused memory foam layer and Airflow Tencel™️ cover which effectively dissipates heat.

Gel-infused memory foam has effective cooling properties and wicks away body heat. It is one of the highest quality memory foams available in the market. Top off with an Airflow Tencel™️ cover which is ultra soft with extraordinary breathability, expect double the coolness, double the comfort.

3. Firmness

Both Sonno Mattress and Origin Mattress have medium-firmness.

Sonno and Origin rank between 6-7 on a firmness scale of 1-10 (with 1 being very soft and 10 being hard). Medium-firm is the most popular firmness preference among Malaysians.

4. Motion Isolation

Sonno Original, Sonno Lite, and Origin Hybrid® are all able to isolate motion.

Definitely a plus point for sleeping partners sharing a bed, all three mattresses feature motion isolation for a disturbance-free night. Toss and turn however you like and still get a well-rested sleep. 

5. Support & Pressure-Relief

When it comes to engineering the best mattress, there is no debate that comfort is a top priority. Both Sonno and Origin show this by using memory foam — a popular type of mattress material that contours to your body shape and relieve body aches. There are, however, some differences between Sonno and Origin.

Here are the layers that contribute to support and pressure-relief for each mattress:

  • Sonno Lite: memory foam, support foam
  • Sonno Original: memory foam, support foam, natural latex
  • Origin Hybrid®: memory foam, natural latex, pocket springs

Sonno mattresses feature a support foam layer for even weight distribution.

Instead of foam, the Origin Hybrid® uses ErgoCoil Support Springs™️ — individually pocketed springs which adjust instantly to sleep movements & all body shapes, giving the feeling of pressureless support. This also prolongs the lifespan of the mattress for up to 10 years.

6. Durability

Sonno Original and Sonno Lite are estimated to have a lifespan of 7-8 years.

This is the typical lifespan of a traditional foam mattress.

Origin Hybrid® has a long lifespan of between 10-20 years and is extremely durable, easily outlasting traditional mattresses.

The quality of materials used are the best-in-class and have outstanding durability. The multi-layered hybrid construction further strengthens durability. This makes it a great investment for perfect supportive sleep.

7. Trial Period

Whether you’re a confident shopper or an inexperienced newbie at buying mattresses, you should always opt for a risk-free mattress as a form of a money-back guarantee. In the event that you’re unsatisfied with your mattress, you can then get a full refund within a limited time frame.
Both Sonno and Origin offer night trials so that shoppers can assess the suitability of their new purchases. This is important as your body needs time to adjust, and the longer the trial period, the better you will be able to tell if a mattress suits you or not.
Sonno allows a trial of 100 nights.
Origin has a trial period of 120 nights, the longest in Malaysia.

8. Warranty

Sonno has a warranty coverage of 10 years.

Origin has a longer warranty coverage of 15 years.

Most mattress manufacturers offer a standard warranty of 10 years, but Origin customers have the added advantage of an extra 5 years of coverage.


9. Delivery & Returns

Sonno offers free delivery and returns to West Malaysia only.

  • A minimum order of RM1,500 is required for deliveries to East Malaysia
  • A RM299 logistics fee will be charged for returns from East Malaysia
  • The Sonno Lite mattress cannot delivered to East Malaysia

Origin offers free delivery & returns to both West & East Malaysia.

No hidden costs – Origin delivers and picks up your mattress anywhere in Malaysia for free.


10. Pricing

Now this is where the differences really come into play. Comparing a standard Queen sized mattress:

Sonno Lite is priced at RM 1,399.

Sonno Original is priced at RM 2,499.

Origin Hybrid® is priced at RM 1,839.

Origin offers more affordable pricing across all mattress sizes compared to the Sonno Original. For budget-conscious shoppers, the cheapest option is the Sonno Lite.


While Sonno offers 2 types of mattresses with different qualities for shoppers to choose from, it is clear that Sonno Lite is suited for budget-savvy shoppers who do not mind compromising on some features (such as not having any cooling properties), while the Sonno Original is great for sleepers looking for comfort and quality.

On the other hand, the Origin Hybrid® has more layers, uses higher quality materials, is more cooling, provides better body support and is more durable than both the Sonno Lite and Sonno Original.

Origin also has a longer trial period and longer warranty coverage, and is significantly lower priced than the Sonno Original, making it the perfect choice for shoppers looking to strike a balance between affordability & quality!


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